Mona Mishalow 

The 6,242nd person to have a pacemaker implanted at Delray Medical Center.

Mona Mishalow was very active for her age. She would fill her days golfing, walking, going to the theatre, shopping and meeting friends for lunch.

So when she awoke on a cold winter night to her heart racing, she thought nothing of it. After all, her heart returned to normal in just a few minutes, so why should she be concerned? A few nights later it happened again. This time she decided to tell her doctor. Alarmed, her doctor explained that this was not something to ignore and that she should call 911 if it happened again.

A couple of nights later the racing heart returned. This time Mona called 911. Mona said that when the paramedics arrived, they wanted to take her to a hospital she didn't trust. She refused. Instead, Mona requested a hospital with experience and doctors she knew.

That's why Mona chose Delray Medical Center.