Delray Medical Center Unveils Two New Scanning Systems at 
Thursday, 05 November 2009 

Delray Medical Center is proud to announce the installation of the Somatom Definition AS 64-slice configuration CT system and the ultra-wide 3-T MAGNETOM Verio MRI from Siemens Medical Solutions. The devices were unveiled at a champagne reception and open house event on November 5, 2009, at Delray Medical Center’s Outpatient Diagnostic Center in Palm Court Plaza in Delray Beach, FL.

“This cutting-edge technology will give Delray Medical Center’s patients access to some of the fastest, safest and most effective scanning technology available today,” said Robert Krieger, Delray Medical Center’s chief executive officer. “The Somatom Definition offers new applications that can greatly benefit our patients while, at the same time, minimizing the radiation risks typically associated with CT scans.”

Known as the world's first “adaptive” CT scanner, the Somatom Definition AS adapts to virtually any patient. It is extremely versatile, as it is suitable for both routine diagnostic work, as well as for more complex exams in oncology, neurology and cardiology. It’s also ideal for use in emergency situations such as in stroke and heart attack patients where speed is key.

The Somatom Definition AS system provides an Adaptive Dose Shield, which eliminates unnecessary over-radiation. It also offers a more comfortable and less stressful scanning environment for young patients, as well as those patients presenting challenges such as obesity and claustrophobia.

Likewise, the MAGNETOM Verio provides some of the most advanced MRI services to patients who feel uncomfortable in confined spaces. This system allows for one foot of headroom, ensuring patients no longer feel as though they are nose-to-nose with the top of the magnet, as with other conventional MRI systems. The MAGNETOM Verio also delivers reliable, high-resolution diagnostic imaging capabilities in less time than conventional scanners, which will allow more patients to be scanned daily.

One of the most significant features of the new system is that the opening (bore) is 70cm, while similar systems on the market are only 60cm. This added space offers a unique clinical advantage for claustrophobic or obese patients. Moreover, patients are actually able to lay on their side for some exams, which is virtually impossible with other MRI scanners.

“This scanner will not only provide better image resolution and faster scanning capabilities, but it will also make the entire scanning process easier and more comfortable for the patient,” said Theresa Griffith, Director of Imaging Services at Delray Medical Center.