Volunteer Services 

Interested in volunteering at Delray?

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What is a Volunteer?

At Delray, a volunteer is someone who shares his or her time, experience and talent by helping others. In exchange, the volunteer receives a sense of accomplishment while being recognized by the Delray staff as an integral part of our health care system.

Who Can Become a Volunteer?

Anyone over 18 who can commit at least one day a week to a four-hour shift is eligible to become a volunteer. Young people ages 14 through 17 are eligible to become teen volunteers.

What Are the Benefits of Becoming a Volunteer?

Your participation in this worthwhile endeavour brings the self-satisfaction of helping your community and a sense of fulfillment. These are rewards within themselves. Delray also offers a complimentary meal ticket to be used in the cafeteria each day a volunteer works a four-hour shift. Other benefits include complimentary flu shots, health screenings on selected dates, community lectures, and special activities such as the gala April Award Luncheon, which recognizes volunteer accomplishments.

Where Do Volunteers Work In The Hospital?

Placement is based on the volunteer's interests, the hospital's needs, and the times and days there are volunteer openings. Volunteers are placed in more than thirty different hospital areas. These areas may include: information desk, gift shop, transport, patient care units, emergency department, family waiting areas, nutrition services, central supply department, health information, and pharmacy.

What About Training?

Delray trains all volunteers. Initially, all volunteers are required to attend a general orientation which provides an introduction to the hospital and an explanation of hospital policies. On-the-job training will be provided in each specific hospital assignment. Volunteers are expected to attend inservice training as required by the hospital and to comply with a PPD screening to meet hospital health requirements.

How Can I Become A Volunteer?

Delray is looking for vibrant, active volunteers willing to work with patients and transportation. Anyone interested in becoming a volunteer must complete a volunteer application and return it to the Auxiliary Office. Applications are available at the information desk located in the lobby of the hospital or can be received via mail by calling (561) 495-3243. Should your qualifications meet our needs, you will be contacted to schedule an interview. Volunteers must commit at least one day a week to a four-hour shift and must purchase his or her own uniform.