Therapy Dogs at Pinecrest 

"Big Therapy From Little Dogs"

Little dogs help in a big way.



By: Glenn Glazer

Delray Beach, FLA - The patients at Pinecrest Rehab, at Delray Medical Center, were all injured in different ways.

"Playing beach volleyball," said therapy patient Jennifer Duvall, referring to how she got her injuries.

"I was cleaning windows," said Joanne Perez.

"Fell down on some stairs," said Lief Bjercke.

But despite their different injuries they are all waiting on the same therapists... two little dachshunds.

Lexi and Lacy have been therapy dogs for a while, and their effect on recovering patients is extremely positive.

"They're a real stress reliever. You know, you get to pet them and the dogs have this look in their eye. It's funny, they look right at you," said Duvall.

"It gives you a little lift up, from the outside," said Bjercke.

And not only are these two helping people, but they have something in common with them... they have medical issues too.

"They both have spinal injuries, and both are incontinent and have a little bit of mobility issues as well," said therapy dog volunteer Lori Powell.

And watching them, gives these folks inspiration.

"She's got some spinal issues and boy oh boy, getting up and hopping to the commode isn't so bad when I see little Lexi," said Perez.

And even though the patients do benefit from having these dogs around, the dogs actually get a little something out of it as well.

"They love to be the center of attention, they love to be petted," said Powell.

“It's interesting to see that a dog with an injury can actually come in and give back to someone else who has an injury," said Duvall.

"And when a dog comes up and you pet it, that's very nice. I like that," said Bjercke.

And according to those who work here, the little ladies are just what the doctor ordered.

"It's comforting to them. We don't only want to provide we want patients to come here and have the best experience possible, and if bringing in dogs helps to do that, then we have done our job," said recreation therapist Lauren Brown.

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