Medical Executive Committee

Louis G. Tumminia, DO
  • President of Medical Staff/MEC Chair
Photo of Louis G. Tumminia, DO
Eric H. Lieberman, MD
  • Vice President of Medical Staff/ Chairman, Credentials Committee
Photo of Eric H. Lieberman, MD
Noah B. Schreibman, MD
  • Secretary/Treasurer
Photo of Noah B. Schreibman, MD
Erica Podolsky, MD
  • Chair, Quality & Patient Safety
Photo of Erica Podolsky, MD
Anthony N. Dardano, MD
  • Medical Director
Photo of Anthony N. Dardano, MD
Todd E. Horowitz, DO
  • Chief of Department of Anesthesia
Photo of Todd E. Horowitz, DO
Jonathan J. Vafai, MD
  • Chair of Department of Cardiology
Photo of Jonathan J. Vafai, MD
Peter E. Kaplan, MD
  • Chief of Emergency Medicine
Photo of Peter E. Kaplan, MD
Lon M. Sadowsky, DO
  • Chair of Department of Medicine
Photo of Lon M. Sadowsky, DO
Aruna Dash, MD
  • Chief of Department of Pathology
Photo of Aruna Dash, MD
Stephen J. Leighton, MD
  • Chief of Radiology
Photo of Stephen J. Leighton, MD
Lloyd Zucker, MD
  • Chair of Department of Surgery
Photo of Lloyd Zucker, MD
Ivan Puente, MD
  • Chief of Trauma Services
Photo of Ivan Puente, MD
Joseph J. Ricotta, MD
  • Chair of Department of Vascular
Photo of Joseph J. Ricotta, MD