Medical Executive Committee

Louis G. Tumminia, DO
President of Medical Staff/MEC Chair
Photo of Louis G. Tumminia, DO
Eric H. Lieberman, MD
Vice President of Medical Staff/ Chairman, Credentials Committee
Photo of Eric H. Lieberman, MD
Noah B. Schreibman, MD
Photo of Noah B. Schreibman, MD
Erica Podolsky, MD
Chair, Quality & Patient Safety
Photo of Erica Podolsky, MD
Anthony N. Dardano, MD
Medical Director
Photo of Anthony N. Dardano, MD
Todd E. Horowitz, DO
Chief of Department of Anesthesia
Photo of Todd E. Horowitz, DO
Jonathan J. Vafai, MD
Chair of Department of Cardiology
Photo of Jonathan J. Vafai, MD
Peter E. Kaplan, MD
Chief of Emergency Medicine
Photo of Peter E. Kaplan, MD
Lon M. Sadowsky, DO
Chair of Department of Medicine
Photo of Lon M. Sadowsky, DO
Aruna Dash, MD
Chief of Department of Pathology
Photo of Aruna Dash, MD
Stephen J. Leighton, MD
Chief of Radiology
Photo of Stephen J. Leighton, MD
Lloyd Zucker, MD
Chair of Department of Surgery
Photo of Lloyd Zucker, MD
Ivan Puente, MD
Chief of Trauma Services
Photo of Ivan Puente, MD
Joseph J. Ricotta, MD
Chair of Department of Vascular
Photo of Joseph J. Ricotta, MD