Carolyn's Delray Diplomat Story

Jun 6, 2019

Marketing volunteer becomes a proud Delray Diplomat 

Carolyn Slone, volunteer and Delray Diplomat, Delray Medical Center

Carolyn portraitAfter moving from Queens, New York to Boynton Beach, Carolyn Slone began volunteering at Delray Medical Center. It wasn’t long before she learned about the Delray Diplomat program and decided to become a member. Since the date of its inception about four years ago, the program has benefitted more than 4,000 people in the community.

“I’m so proud to be a Diplomat at Delray Medical Center,” says Carolyn. “It offers so much to people, not only in Delray, but in surrounding areas as well.”

As a Diplomat, Carolyn has the opportunity to take part in social events, luncheons and learn about important health information. One of her favorite things is being able to participate in healthy conversation lectures with doctors, where she can have all her questions answered.

“I also like seeing the friendships that develop between members,” Carolyn says.  

In addition to being a Diplomat, she volunteers in the marketing department of the hospital, where she assists with events, including blood drives every fourth Thursday of each month. Outside of volunteering, Carolyn enjoys walking, reading, spending time with her children and going out on the weekend with friends.