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No matter who you are—patient, family member or friend—hospitals can seem intimidating. When things are uncertain and you aren’t sure what will happen next, you may feel powerless.

But rest assured you aren’t powerless at all. Well-informed, involved loved ones play an important role in the patient’s healing process. You know and care for this person, and you’ll best support them by staying on top of what’s happening.  

Family & Visitor Resources:

Chaplain Services

Hospital stays, serious injuries, and life-threatening diagnoses can be overwhelming—physically, emotionally and spiritually.

Gift Shops

Special gifts can provide comfort to patients who are undergoing hospital care.

How You Can Help

Having a loved one in the hospital can feel overwhelming.

Diseases & Conditions

Do a little background reading on the condition your friend or family member is experiencing in our Health Library.

Tests & Procedures

The more you know about the specific tests your loved one may be going through, the more supportive you can be when they need you.

Caregiver Instructions

The first thing to remember if you’re a caregiver is to be sure you take care of yourself.

What Are They Going Through?

You might not always understand what your loved one is dealing with since each person reacts in his or her own way to illness and pain.

Hotels & Restaurants

If you're here from out of town, or looking for a place to eat, browse a map of our neighborhood.

Send a Cheer Card

Even if you can’t visit a family member or friend in person, you can still brighten his or her day by sending a free Cheer Card.

Visiting Hours

We understand that when someone you love is in the hospital, you want to be with them as much as possible.

Volunteer at Delray Medical Center

Delray volunteers share their time, experience and talent by helping others.

Hurricane Preparation

​We have a specific hurricane plan to take care of our patients, but do you have a plan in place for your family? Get important contact information and learn what you need to do to get ready for a storm.