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Now what? Helpful information for what happens after you’ve left the hospital.

Journey toward recovery

Your discharge from the hospital following an illness, surgery or procedure may be the start of a long recovery, or it may be your second chance to live a healthier life. Either way, you need the right information, and you need regular consultation with your medical and wellness specialists.

We have resources and other services available to help you stay informed and keep growing in health. Those resources include regular email newsletters with tips for healthy living and a Health Library so you can learn more about managing any existing conditions. If needed, we also have experts who can guide you through any billing or insurance issues you may have following treatment.

Staying healthy — and out of the hospital

The Delray Medical Center website has numerous resources to help you live a healthier life and make future hospital stays less likely. From the online Health Library to our Classes & Events, we want to keep you healthy. But, if the time comes for medical care, we think there’s no better choice for your care than Delray Medical Center.

Keep in touch.

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Transparency in Healthcare

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Patient Portal

Our patient portal provides easy, online access to your lab results, immunizations, health records and more.

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