The Delray Medical Center Experience

Perhaps you’ve arrived at Delray with an injury or sudden illness. Maybe you regularly visit one of our physicians for preventive care and regular check-ups, or your doctor recommended a certain procedure. Regardless of why you’re coming to Delray Medical Center, our priority is guiding you toward a better, healthier lifestyle.

Dedicated to great health

We try to make your entire experience with us as positive as possible, starting with services like the ER Check-In Online online emergency room registration, and pre-registration for your hospital treatment so you get the care you need as efficiently as possible.

Our patients are like family, and you’ll notice that nurturing approach when you stay at our facility. After your visit, we hope you’ll take to heart our own commitment to good health. To encourage a healthier lifestyle, Delray offers a variety of resources including online Healthy Living guidelines and free classes and events.