Delray Medical Center Offers Innovative Heart Stent for Patients with Coronary Artery Disease

Oct 25, 2016

The recently FDA approved fully dissolving stent disappears after the treated artery is healed   

Delray Beach, Fla. (October 26, 2016) – Delray Medical Center is one of only two hospitals in South Florida to commercially utilize the Abbott Absorb bioresorbable vascular scaffold in the treatment of coronary artery disease. The innovative device is inserted into a patient’s clogged artery to keep it open and restore blood flow, and then gradually disappears in about three years. It is made of naturally dissolving material and is designed to reduce the risk of future blockages that can occur with traditional metal stents.

With the addition of this new treatment option, Delray Medical Center offers hope to those suffering from a heart condition that affects 15 million people in the United States and is a leading cause of death worldwide. While metal stents are permanent implants and can restrict vessel motion, the Absorb stent is made of a dissolving polymer, similar to dissolving sutures, allowing the artery to pulse and flex naturally.

“The introduction of this groundbreaking device marks the next generation of interventional cardiology,” said Mark Bryan, hospital CEO. “We are proud to be one of only seven hospitals in the state to offer this technology and continue our position as a leader in the area for exceptional heart care and research.”

According to published studies, the Absorb bioresorbable stent has demonstrated comparable short-term and mid-term outcomes to the leading metallic stent, Abbott’s Xience drug eluting stent. Since there is no metal involved, the treated artery can potentially reacquire its normal shape, allowing the vessel to grow.

"The Absorb bioresorbable stent treats coronary artery disease without committing people to a permanent metal implant—giving them peace of mind and helping them get back to their daily lives without the concern of having a permanent metallic implant,” said Deepak Nath, Ph.D., senior vice president, vascular, Abbott. “We're very excited to bring the promise of Absorb to patients in the United States."

Recently named one of the nation’s top 100 hospitals with great heart programs by Becker’s Hospital Review, Delray Medical Center offers a wide range of resources to treat routine and complex cardiovascular cases. Services include diagnostic testing, catheterization, open heart surgery, minimally invasive surgical techniques and general cardiovascular care. The hospital is equipped with the technology and experts to treat patients with the utmost quality care from diagnosis to surgery to rehabilitation. 

To ensure optimal patient selection and implant technique, Delray Medical Center’s interventional cardiology team underwent extensive training on the new Absorb device. For more information about the hospital’s heart & vascular services, please visit

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