New Endovascular Hybrid OR Suite at Delray Medical Center

Mar 7, 2018

Introducing Delray Medical Center's new Endovascular Hybrid OR Suite

1,500 square feet, $6.8 million investment, Offering the Community State of the art advanced technology

New OR Center at Delray


(Only one of its kind in Palm Beach County)

The CorPath System is used for robotic-assisted vascular interventions. These procedures involve placing stents in small arteries to improve blood flow. During a CorPath robotic-assisted procedure, physicians sit in a radiation-shielded workstation and use a set of joysticks and touchscreen controls that translate the physician’s movements into device control. This enables precise measurement of anatomy and device positioning with the added benefit of radiation protection for the physician and the potential to reduce radiation exposure for staff and patients.

Additional benefits include greater surgical precision and procedural control, robotic precision to sub millimeter measurements, improved workflow with an extended reach arm for radial access, a touchscreen unit and a minimally invasive surgical approach.


(Only one of its kind in Palm Beach County)

The Artis Pheno is a new robotic C-arm angiography system for use in minimally invasive interventional procedures that improves flexibility in the OR by expanding patient access, reducing radiation and maintaining an uninterrupted sterile airflow with antimicrobial surfaces. The ARTIS Pheno robotic C-arm angiography system is designed to unobtrusively move in and out of the surgical area. This versatility in movement, coupled with the system’s wider C-arm design, increases the amount of free space and permits greater patient access.

Several new features on the ARTIS Pheno were developed to combat infection. Due to the absence of ceiling components, an uninterrupted sterile airflow is maintained, and the system’s sealed, antimicrobial surfaces provide infection resistance in addition to facilitating system cleaning.


• Angioplasty and Stenting

• Carotid Stents

• Carotid Angiograms

• Dialysis Access

• Endovascular Aortic Aneurysm Repair

• Limb Salvage/ Limb Preservation

• Lower and Upper Extremity Angiograms

• Mesenteric/ Renal Disease

• Venous and Arterial Angioplasty

• Venous/Arterial Thrombolysis

• Vena Cava Filter Placement & Retrieval



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