Scheduling & Visitor Restrictions

Visitation Policy

We will allow 1 visitor for most admitted patients, including the Emergency Room admissions and direct admissions.

Visitors will be allowed into the hospital once a patient is admitted. We continue to allow one visitor for elective surgery patients.

For safety reasons, visitor restrictions will continue for:

  • Covid positive patients and PUI’s (those suspected of having Covid)
  • Any hospital rooms that are not private, such as semi-private rooms (with more than one patient) and open wards
  • Behavioral health patients
  • Other situations as determined by physician, clinical team or administration

All visitors will follow a strict screening process: visitors will be screened per CDC guidelines, required to wear a mask at all times, social distance and sanitize their hands. Visitor access will be recorded daily and visitors must remain in the patient room.

Visitors will be denied entry if they present with any potential Covid symptoms; do not pass the screening process; are asymptomatic but have been exposed to Covid in the last 10 days; do not adhere to masking and social distancing rules.

We recognize the importance of having a loved one close by in times of uncertainty and we are pleased to able to make changes that allow our patients to have that support.

Hospital specific guidelines may include limited visitation for certain departments such as rehabilitation and critical care. We appreciate your understanding and cooperation.