Fair Oaks Pavilion

Empowering you

At Fair Oaks Pavilion, we empower you to make a better life for yourself. With proper care and treatment, you can become a stronger decision-maker, enhance your social skills and self-esteem, emerge from isolation and develop increasing independence.

Delray Medical Center offers progressive, high-quality inpatient psychiatric programs for adults at Fair Oaks Pavilion, a 53-bed psychiatric center on campus. Dynamic, caring professionals work in harmony to help improve quality of life for those with acute or chronic psychiatric disorders, addictions, or other conditions requiring therapeutic intervention.

“The patients who receive services here really deserve the best treatment available. And what keeps me coming back every day is the progress I see people make.” —Jeff Lefton, director of behavioral health services at Fair Oaks Pavilion

Programs include inpatient care for persons with emotional disorders, including dual diagnosis (emotional disorder combined with chemical dependence), Medical Detoxification, Geriatric Program, and Electro-Convulsive Therapy.

Progressive programs delivered with compassion

When you’re struggling with addiction to alcohol, prescription medication or illegal drugs, you want to know you’re getting help at the right place. Delray offers supervised medical detoxification and chemical dependency treatment, as well as treatment plans and duration that are based on your unique needs.

The program is completely voluntary, and you may participate in a variety of therapies including individual, group, family and 12-step therapies, pet therapy, support groups, leisure activities, educational programs, and relapse prevention.

Inpatient programs

If you’re struggling with acute or chronic psychiatric disorders, an inpatient program may be right for you. In our inpatient program, you’ll talk with your psychiatrist and discuss your options. These may include treatments such as electroconvulsive therapy (ECT) for severe depression and other mental or emotional symptoms, which can be provided on an outpatient basis. The ECT suite is designed for your comfort, and we’ll help ensure you’re fully prepared before undergoing treatment.

Geriatric program

For older adults whose mental illnesses are keeping them from participating in daily life, Delray offers a unique inpatient geriatric program. You’ll receive psychiatric and medical evaluations within 24 hours of being admitted, and you and your family will work with licensed professionals to coordinate an effective, personalized treatment plan. 

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