Heart Failure and VAD ClinicJoint Commission Gold Seal award

If you have any of the following, you may be a candidate for the VAD:

  • Worsening shortness of breath?
  • Have an ejection fraction of less than 35%
  • Been hospitalized within the last 6 months for heart failure?
  • Have to reduce the dosage of your heart failure medications due to low blood pressure
  • Fatigue?
  • Swelling? 

To determine if you are a candidate for LVAD, please call our VAD team at 1.844.MYLVADS  

Advanced heart failure is a progressive disorder, meaning it may worsen over time. The early stages can sometimes be managed with medicines and lifestyle changes, which help reduce symptoms.

With advanced stages of heart failure patients may need advanced therapies such as heart transplant or VAD (ventricular assist device). The most common type of VAD is an LVAD (left ventricular assist device).

If you have reached this advanced stage of heart failure where your heart is no longer able to pump enough blood to meet your body’s needs, your doctor may recommend LVAD surgery.

A LVAD is a blood pumping device that can be used in certain patients with advanced stages of heart failure. It is designed to assist the left side of the heart to pump blood throughout the body when it is too weak to work efficiently on its own.

A Delray Medical Center Advanced Heart Failure and Transplant cardiologist and a VAD surgeon will determine if you are a candidate for an LVAD based upon your specific heart disease, the severity of your symptoms and other medical conditions you may have.

Delray Medical Center is the only hospital in Palm Beach County offering LVAD implantation.

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Heart disease is the No. 1 cause of death in the U.S., killing more people every year than all forms of cancer combined.

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The key to preventing heart disease and managing and underlying conditions like high blood pressure is through regular screenings with your doctor and conducting any tests when necessary.

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