Neurological Surgery Technology


Delray Medical Center uses the O-arm advanced operating room imaging technology for accuracy and precision in implant placement. This technology opens up the possibility of a shorter recovery time for the patient, and gives the physician the precision they need.

Artis Zeego

Delray Medical
Center has obtained innovative robotic technology for a new hybrid operating suite.

The suite, which includes the Artis Zeego multi-axis C-arm system, allows advanced 3-D imaging as well as open surgical procedures to be done in the same room with a collaborative clinical team.

Delray Medical Center is the only hospital in Palm Beach County to have the Artis Zeego system with the latest software and hardware available, including the ability to capture a 360-degree rotational CT of the patient.

The new hybrid OR technology provides high image quality and diagnostic confidence with reduced radiation exposure for our patients and staff. Our physicians are now able to give our patients the highest quality care while working with greater ease and comfort.

The $4.5 million hybrid suite has unique capabilities that allow for new fields of treatment, including TAVR (Transcatheter Valve Replacement), as well as imaging during vascular and cardiac bypass surgery.

The room is designed so that physicians can work more precisely and efficiently.

The Artis zeego Multi-axis system is a dedicated system for hybrid procedures that enables the physician to position the C-arm virtually anywhere around the patient to produce new types of clinical images, e.g., a 3-D representation with a live fluoro overlay.

The Artis zeego is equipped with a comprehensive line of radiation dose-saving functionalities to keep exposure low for patients and for staff in the hybrid OR.