Every hospital has stories  

These are a few of ours

In hospitals, we’re surrounded by stories. Some are incredible. Some are touching and heartfelt. All of them are nice to hear. We recognize that we can talk on and on about the distinctions we’ve been awarded, the services we offer, and the experience of the physicians working in our halls. But only by hearing the stories of those just like you, folks who arrived at our doors anxious or scared and went home healed, can you truly begin to understand who we are, and what we strive for.

You’ll find a number of stories we’ve collected about our hospital. We’ll be adding more regularly so check back often. Take a read and decide if Delray ​Medical Center seems like the place for your care, your loved one, or your career.

Bill's Neuro Story

Bill Plough believes his spinal stenosis surgery was so successful because of Delray Medical Center.

Munro's Stroke Story

Munro Ross feels reinvigorated since his treatment, and enjoys being back with his family in New Jersey.

John's Stroke Story

Looking back, John knows there were warning signs before the stroke occurred. 

Pat's Stroke Story

What started out as a normal day for Pat Andrews quickly turned into one of the scariest days of her life.