Cardiac Rehabilitation 

Delray Medical Center’s Cardiac Rehabilitation Program is a specialized medical service designed to improve physical function and emotional well-being, as well as reduce the cardiovascular risk factors of people with heart disease.

After admission to the hospital for a coronary event, patients and family members receive information on diagnosis and treatment of heart disease, medications, risk factor modification, and activity progression. Nutritional counseling and other support services are also available, as needed, to assist in making the transition to home with ease. Family members are encouraged to participate in the patient’s learning process.

Monitored Outpatient Cardiac Rehabilitation

Phase 2 Cardiac Rehabilitation is available for patients who have recently experienced a heart attack, undergone angioplasty/stent procedure or cardiac bypass/valve surgery. In addition, certain individuals with stable angina, cardiomyopathy, dysrhythmias or a cardiac transplant may be eligible as well (insurance will determine eligibility).

Exercise Program

Patients receive a customized exercise program based on each person’s individual goals and functional capacity. The program consists of one hour of monitored exercise, 2-3 days/week for several weeks. Insurance coverage will determine number of sessions allowed, duration of program and co-pay/deductible amounts. Telemetry monitoring is used during exercise to help ensure that the patient is exercising within a safe and effective target heart rate range. There are several exercise modalities to utilize for aerobic benefit as well as therabands/light weights for muscle conditioning.

Referral Information

A physician referral is required for participation in Cardiac Rehabilitation.

For further information, please call 561.637.5603.