Physical Therapy

A little help getting back to normal

Physical therapy uses different treatments like massage and exercise to help you build strength and improve mobility after an accident, sports injury or surgery. Through one-on-one therapy and coaching, we develop a plan uniquely tailored to your needs, and then help you along the way towards your goals.

What should I expect?

After surgery or treatment, you may experience certain limitations that you’re not used to. It may be a little pain in your joints, or something more serious, but whatever it is that’s holding you back from feeling normal, our therapists will work with you to get back to normal.

Physical therapy at Delray Medical Center is about setting goals, and walking with you every step of the way towards those goals. We’ll push you to work hard, but the goal is not pain – it’s healing.

A good outcome in physical therapy depends on open and honest conversation between the patient and the therapist.