Director of imaging services helps create atmosphere of warmth

Judy Zavatsky, director of imaging services, Delray Medical Center

Zavatski portraitWhen Judy Zavatsky was 14 years old, she had an X-ray for scoliosis and found herself fascinated.

"I thought, that looks like a neat job,'" she says. "I started looking into it and knew I wanted to be in radiography."

Right after high school, Zavatsky enrolled in a radiologic technology training program and continued working at the same hospital for 25 years.

As Delray"s current director of imaging services, Zavatsky has seen a lot of changes since she first entered the field.

"Imaging has changed a lot—especially in the past 10 years with the emergence of digital and PACS technology. It's unbelievable, and it keeps changing," she says.

"Back when I started, we had tethered receptors that were thick and bulky, and now they're wireless and the size of a cassette. It's amazing."

Healthcare continues to change in dramatic ways, with increasing focus on providing a top-notch patient experience. Zavatsky is co-chair of Delray's Patient Experience Council, which develops, implements and monitors practices that sustain positive customer experiences among staff and patients. The Council’s goal is to promote Delray as the top hospital choice throughout the community.

"Delray Medical Center is a great hospital with excellent quality of care," says Zavatsky. "We continue to educate every staff member so that our customer service ratings match the quality of care we provide. We want people to come into the hospital and experience something different—a warm and friendly environment."