Sophie Conte TAVR Procedure Story 

Sophie_testimonialSophie Conte has always had a passion for travel. Having been to nearly every country in Europe and Asia, the 79-year-old enjoys seeing the world and experiencing everything each place has to offer. However, during a recent trip to the vibrant, melting pot city of New Orleans, Sophie didn’t feel quite herself. 

“I was having a hard time breathing and walking up the steps,” she recalls. “My friend who accompanied me on the trip knew something wasn’t right, but I refused to believe there was a problem.” 

When Sophie returned to her home in Delray Beach, her family came over the following day with plans to take her to Delray Medical Center. Sophie’s travel partner had told them that something seemed off about her friend and that she felt she needed medical attention. 

“I was extremely reluctant to go because I was feeling better at that point,” she remembers. 

However, Sophie was far from fine. After a battery of tests, she found out she was suffering from severe symptomatic aortic stenosis. Since there are no medications to cure this condition, undergoing open heart surgery to replace the aortic valve is typically the only option.

Fortunately for Sophie, an innovative technology known as transcatheter aortic valve replacement (TAVR) is offered at Delray Medical Center. The minimally invasive procedure allows physicians to replace the aortic valve through a catheter in the groin and avoid open heart surgery.

Dr. Brian Bethea, cardiac surgeon, and Dr. Brijeshwar Maini, interventional cardiologist, performed the life-saving TAVR procedure on Sophie.

“Due to this cutting-edge medicine at Delray Medical Center, we’re able to get our patients back to the life they desperately want – free of symptoms,” says Dr. Bethea.

Following Sophie’s surgery, she was able to return home within a few days, and has since noticed more of a spring in her step – literally. 

“I can go up the stairs in my home without a problem,” she states. “The staff at Delray Medical Center was unbelievable. I received so much attention and care. I will forever sing their praises.”

Now, Sophie can concentrate on traveling again and continuing to see the world. In fact, she already has her next trip to Italy planned for later this year and can’t wait to add another stamp to her already full passport.