Advanced Treatment for Urological Conditions

Delray Medical Center offers care for a range of urological conditions - from incontinence to kidney stones to cancers of the bladder, kidney and prostate. In our facility, we provide:

  • Specialized care for a range of conditions involving the bladder, kidney and prostate
  • The minimally invasive da Vinci® robotic surgical procedure for less scarring and faster recovery times

Our highly skilled specialists are experienced in advanced treatments for urological conditions. Prostatectomies can be performed with our minimally invasive da Vinci® Surgical System, which may reduce patients stay in the hospital and recovery time.

Among the urological procedures we provide:

  • Kidney cyst removal
  • Prostate gland removal
  • Repair for pelvic organ prolapse (POP)
  • Treatment for kidney stones
  • Treatment for incontinence
  • Treatment for erectile dysfunction
  • Vasectomy and vasectomy reversal
  • Adrenal gland removal
  • Aquablation


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