Sabrina's Weight Loss Story

Jun 6, 2019

Sabrina Loses Weight to Inspire Her Family

Sabrina Singletary, weight loss patient, Delray Medical Center

Sabrina portrait

Food was always something that comforted Sabrina Singletary from a young age, causing her to be overweight. It only got worse when she started having children and couldn’t find the time to exercise. “I allowed my weight to get out of control when I knew it was something I could control,” she says. At her peak, Sabrina was over 370 pounds. 

It was while on her family’s way to a high school football camp for her son, Devin, that Sabrina realized she needed to make a drastic lifestyle change.

“We were parked in a lot far from the camp, so I told Devin to go ahead and I would catch up,” she recalls. “I was so physically exhausted and in so much pain that when I finally got to a park bench and realized I still had a ways to walk, I started sobbing. I decided at that moment that it was time for me to get the help I needed to lose weight and be healthy for me and my family.”

As a phone operator at Delray Medical Center, Sabrina was easily able to find out more about the hospital’s bariatric program, led by surgeon Dr. Erica Podolsky.

“As soon as I met Dr. Podolsky, I knew I was in good hands,” Sabrina remembers. “She has such incredible bedside manner, and I felt comfortable with her doing the procedure after my first consultation.” 

Together, they decided that the sleeve gastrectomy would be the best option for Sabrina. The procedure involves the surgeon removing about 75 percent of the stomach, resulting in it taking on the shape of a "sleeve" which holds much less food.

Following the surgery, Sabrina spent about three days in the hospital before returning home with a new diet and a new life. At first, she was on a strict liquid diet, where she was only able to eat Jell-O and protein shakes.

Sabrina before and after

“It was very difficult at first to change my eating habits, but the dieticians and staff here at Delray Medical Center have been there for me to ensure I don’t break my diet and I continue to lose the weight.”

It’s been about 8 months since the procedure, and Sabrina has so far lost 80 pounds. She is looking to lose at least another hundred before she’s at a place she feels good about. 

“Dr. Podolsky and the team at Delray Medical Center changed my life in ways I can’t begin to explain,” Sabrina shares. “I know that soon enough I am going to look and feel like a completely different person.”  

Now, Sabrina has a new lease on life, and she can’t wait to watch her son play football for Florida Atlantic University in the fall. Because of the surgery, her family will be winning on and off the field!

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