Minimally Invasive Brain Surgery

Delray Medical Center’s progressive neurosurgical team is committed to providing comprehensive care for patients suffering from injuries and diseases of the brain, spine and related nerves.

The surgical team utilizes highly specialized operating suites and equipment to offer innovative clinical programs, such as minimally invasive brain, spinal and neuro-oncology surgery. The team is complemented by neurologists, radiologists, neuropsychologists, neurological nurses and therapists.

Six Pillar Approach

At Delray Medical Center, we are excited to be among the first hospitals in the country to offer The 6 Pillar Approach for patients with subcortical brain abnormalities such as tumors and hemorrhages. This new treatment integrates several existing technologies and new advancements, allowing our physicians to see and ultimately remove abnormalities through an opening as small as a dime.

The Six Pillar Approach consists of the following:

  • Brain mapping
  • GPS navigation technology
  • Sophisticated optics
  • BrainPath®
  • Resection
  • Targeted approach

How does this approach work?

During the procedure, surgeons access your brain’s abnormality through a small opening. Then, with brain imaging, GPS navigation technology and a tool called the NICO BrainPath* they are safely able to move through the natural folds and millions of delicate fibers in the brain to reach the abnormality. The BrainPath uniquely allows surgeons to displace tissues of the brain during advancement to the targeted abnormality. Once in place, the BrainPath creates a passageway for surgeons to access the surgical field and then use a resection tool to remove the abnormality.

Benefits of Six Pillar Approach

In the past, subcortical brain tumors have been difficult if not near impossible to access due to the risks associated with damaging the brain while reaching the tumor. Prior to BrainPath, surgery could cause memory loss, create speech problems, and even potentially damage the brain beyond repair.

With advancements in technology, this procedure has been able to reduce some of  the risks of subcortical brain tumor removal. Through the use of the computer guided navigation through the brain, this allows for a surgeon to move around the tissue rather than to cut it as they would have in the past.  By creating a clear path to the brain tumor, this helps to reduce the risk of damaging brain tissue and may lower complication risk from surgery. For many patients who undergo this type of procedure, this can assist in improving their quality of life.

Given the minimally invasive nature of the surgery, many patients are typically able to leave the hospital within one to three days after the surgery. Once the surgery has been completed, patients can resume limited activities shortly after the procedure.

What Patients are Eligible for the Six Pillar Approach

The Six Pillar Approach is being used to treat patients with brain tumors located deep within the brain. This approach is also recommended for patients who have been diagnosed with glioblastomas as well as patients that have metastatic cancer that has begun in one part of the body and then traveled to the brain.

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