CORI Surgical System


Delray Medical Center is the ONLY hospital in southern Palm Beach County offering the CORI Surgical System, which offers knee replacement designed specifically for each patient.

The CORI™ Surgical System uses handheld robotics-assisted technology that helps the surgeon plan and perform the procedure. It also gives surgeons a three-dimensional view to help finalize and verify the selection of the knee implant and create a plan for surgery without the need for either a CT scan or MRI.


Robotics-assisted knee replacement surgery using the CORI Surgical System can lead to the following patient benefits:

  • Quicker, smoother recovery
  • Regain function faster and return home sooner
  • A unique 3D digital model to get a surgical plan customized to the patients’ unique anatomy. The surgeon can perform the procedure more accurately than traditional knee replacement surgery.
  • A natural fit: Using these technologies patients can keep more of their natural bone and ligaments, including the ACL. 6 That helps maintain more of a natural rhythm and step.
  • A wide selection: The surgeon is able to choose from the widest selection of implants available, so implants can be precision-matched to feel more like a patient’s own knee.

For more information, please contact our Orthopedic Patient Navigator, Carolyn Kern, at 561-270-1540.

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