Joint Replacement

What once seemed impossible

For those living with joint pain, performing the simplest of activities, such as walking through a grocery store or getting up from a chair, can be difficult. It wasn’t too long ago that such pain would resign you to a life favoring one knee or the other. But now, joint replacements are some of the most common procedures in medicine.

Whether your pain is the result of arthritis, a sports injury or simple joint wear and tear, the professionals at Delray Medical Center can restore you to a comfortable and more active lifestyle.

Hear from someone who’s been through it:
Meet LouiseLouise

Louise Drogin-Lew was tired of living in pain, so at age 74, she did something about the hip pain that kept getting worse. Dr. David Buchalter and Delray Medical Center helped her back on her feet.

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Are you a candidate?

A typical candidate for total joint replacement is someone who suffers from chronic joint pain caused by arthritis or by delayed and progressive joint pain as the result of a previous sports or traumatic injury. The board certified orthopaedic surgeons affiliated with Delray Medical Center are specially trained to help relieve your pain, restore your mobility and enhance your freedom of movement.

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