Everyone should have a voice

Some conditions can leave you without full control over your voice and speech, and it can be jarring to you as a person. After all, being able to communicate is fundamental to being able to live life how you want it. At Delray, we understand the difficulties you face when you lose your communication skills, and our team will work with you to get it back.

Some conditions we treat:

  • Speech issues, such as slurring, mutism, and aphasia
  • Stuttering
  • Voice problems resulting from cancer of the throat
  • Disorders relating to written language
  • Memory disorders

What does speech therapy entail?

Your therapy plan will be unique to you. However, some typical exercises may include:

  • Remembering stories
  • Helping to define problem spots, like bigger words, and how to deal with them
  • An understanding of gestures or body language
  • Trips outside the hospital for some real world practice
  • Exercises for the face and mouth

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