2017 Year In Review: Delray Medical Center

Mar 29, 2018

Throughout 2017, Delray Medical Center has proved its commitment to providing high level care to the community through its expanded services and innovative technology. Below are some of this year’s most noteworthy achievements.

Hospital Opens News Patient Tower

The hospital constructed a new four story 80 million dollar tower complete with 96 new private rooms, an expanded laboratory, a cardiovascular clinic and rehabilitation center, a pre-surgical consultation center, upgraded technology with higher-quality x-ray machines and an MRI scanner, and a trauma helipad where patients are immediately taken off Trauma Hawk and brought down to the Level I Trauma Center. The hospital also built a 150,000 square foot garage adding 352 parking spaces for staff and patients.

Advanced Radiation Services to be Available in Palm Beach County on the Campus of The Delray Medical Center

Proton International and Delray Medical Center is pleased to announce a new state of the art radiation therapy center and a pioneering approach to proton therapy which will be performed at the hospital. Together the partners have taken a significant step forward to assure the residents of South Florida will have access to improved radiation therapy capabilities. The Delray Radiation facility on the campus of Delray Medical Center, will offer the most advanced forms of external beam therapy including spot-scanning, intensity modulated proton therapy along with traditional radiation technologies. The 40 thousand square foot facility will include physician offices, minor procedure room, advanced treatment planning, anesthesia for pediatric patients, and clinical examination rooms. The facility will be open for photon patients in 2018 and proton patients in Spring 2019.

First Hospital in South Florida to Use New Therapy Option for Patients at an Increased Risk of Stroke Due to Atrial Fibrillation

Delray Medical Center is the first hospital in South Florida to implant a new device used to seal off the left atrial appendage (LAA) — a small appendage connected to the left atrium — in patients diagnosed with non-valvular atrial fibrillation (AF). The device, the Abbott AMPLATZERTM AmuletTM Left Atrial Appendage Occluder, is currently being evaluated in the AMPLATZER Amulet U.S. IDE Clinical Trial to deter- mine the device’s safety and effectiveness. Dr. Brij Maini, Regional Medical Director of Transcatheter Therapies for Tenet Healthcare’s Coastal Division, implanted the AMPLATZER Amulet occluder, which was designed to reduce the risk of stroke in patients suffering from non-valvular AF.

First Hospital in Florida to Perform the Edwards SAPIEN 3 Valve for Mitral Valve-In-Valve Replacement

Delray Medical Center is the first hospital in the state of Florida to use the Edwards SAPIEN 3 transcatheter heart valve for mitral valve replacement inside a failed surgical valve. This treatment, is for both aortic patients and mitral patients who are at high risk for subsequent open heart surgery to replace their bioprosthetic valve. The SAPIEN 3 valve is the only valve approved for valve-in-valve procedures due to failure of a surgical mitral valve.

Delray Medical Center Performs First Incisionless Surgery to Treat Heartburn

Surgery without an incision is now a possibility. The new Transoral Incisionless Fundoplication procedure, or TIF, using the innovative EsophyX® device for the treatment of gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD) is now available at Delray Medical Center. The TIF procedure is based on established principles of surgical repair of the antireflux barrier, except that it is “surgery from within” performed transorally (through the mouth). The procedure can reduce hiatal hernia and can re- establish the high pressure zone between the stomach and esophagus restoring the natural, physiological anatomy to prevent gastroesophageal reflux. Because the procedure is incisionless, there is reduced pain, reduced recovery and no visible scar.

Original Source:  http://southfloridahospitalnews.com/images/file/SFHN%2001%2018.pdf

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