Double Balloon Enteroscopy

Non-Surgical Procedure to Diagnose and Treat GI Disorders

You’re in great hands. 

No matter how simple or complex an operation you need, Delray’s highly trained and experienced surgical team will demonstrate their expertise throughout your care.

Your doctor will guide you through your options and share step-by-step directions to help prepare you for surgery and an optimal recovery. Before your surgery, we provide you and your family with a streamlined admitting process and a family advocate in the waiting rooms. We’ll even valet park your car. 

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Operating rooms look a lot different than they used to

When you trust your surgery to Delray, you tap into an advanced medical center with specialized equipment that can help make a real difference in your surgery and recovery. You can find operating technology such as the:  
  • O-arm Surgical Imaging System
  • Corindus Vascular Robotics Corpath System 
  • da Vinci® Surgical System
Robotic surgery offers a minimally invasive approach designed to improve outcomes and speed up recovery times. 

After surgery

Following your surgery you’ll be placed in a post-op surgical specialty unit for recovery. The anesthesia team will help manage your pain to keep you comfortable during your stay in the hospital. Your physician can send any necessary prescriptions directly to the pharmacy so your medicine can be delivered before you’re discharged. 

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Commitment to excellence

At Delray Medical Center, we’re committed to delivering the highest quality care possible. We strive to help you achieve better outcomes, quicker recovery times, shorter hospital stays and, ultimately, better health. 

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You’re in great hands at Delray Medical Center. From complex operations to routine procedures, your surgeon will use some of the latest techniques in an advanced surgical suite.  You can read more about our minimally invasive capabilities, as well as some of the conditions we treat, using the links below.

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