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When it comes to your back and spine, even the most minor problem can be painful. But you don’t have to let pain keep you from your daily responsibilities or favorite activities. We are here to help you get some answers and feel better.

In your back, a lot can go wrong

Your spine is made up of small bones or vertebrae, muscles, ligaments, nerves and disks. Back pain can be caused by a problem in any of these areas of your spine. While some minor pains can go away on their own, if you’ve been hurting for a while it’s time to see one of our specialists.


Carolyn Kern, PT, is the Orthopedic Joint Navigator (OJN) at Delray Medical Center. Prior to this role, Carolyn served as a staff Physical Therapist in Delray Medical Center’s Pinecrest Rehab Hospital - where she has been since 1997. She has over 25 years of experience in evaluating and treating orthopedic patients. Carolyn serves as an advocate, educator and guide for the orthopedic surgical patient, as well as family members, through the total joint replacement process. The OJN is responsible for facilitating the patient experience by guiding patients as their primary point of contact and serves as the intermediary between the patient and the care provider or hospital resource, responsible for patient education, scheduling, care transition, discharge, post treatment follow up, etc. Carolyn graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree in Exercise Science from Indiana University and a Master of Physical Therapy (MPT) from Gannon University. To reach Carolyn, please call 561-637-5197.

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