Trouble sleeping? You aren’t the only one.

Sleep is more than rest. You need sleep to get through the day with the best physical and mental health. Sleep deprivation interferes with work, driving and social activities.

What to Expect During a Sleep Study

delray-sleep-centerPatients usually arrive a few hours before bedtime. The sleep lab is a comfortable, private room with a bed, with surroundings designed to simulate your home sleep environment. Once you are settled in, our experienced and credentialed sleep technologists apply monitors to watch you throughout the night.

The results of the sleep study will be sent to your physician. If you are diagnosed with a sleep disorder, our staff will recommend a treatment plan. Your physician will be responsible for your follow-up care.

Suite Dreams Sleep Disorders Program

Relax in comfort at Delray Medical Center’s sleep laboratory. Our sleep center is dedicated to providing you with personalized service in a hotel-like environment. Our sleep professionals will make every effort to ensure your experience is surprisingly pleasant. The center offers a luxurious bed, fine linens and other amenities.

Restful sleep is very important to one’s health – not too much or too little sleep, but just the right amount. However, many people have serious sleep disorders that interfere with their ability to initiate or maintain sleep – or cause them to have excessive daytime sleepiness. These disorders stem from a wide variety of causes and affect all types of people at all ages. The Sleep Laboratory can provide comprehensive sleep monitoring to aid in the diagnosis and treatment of sleep disorders.

Pre-registration can be done in person or by telephone. If you wish to pre-register by phone, call (561) 495-3538. If you wish to pre-register in person, stop by the outpatient admitting area any weekday prior to your scheduled appointment. When you check in, the admitting staff will give you an ID bracelet that you should wear throughout your hospital stay. If you have any questions, or need to cancel or reschedule your evaluation, please call (561) 495-3171.

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