Our Pinecrest Commitment - Mission Vision Values

Acute In-Patient Rehabilitation:

Welcome to our 90 bed acute rehabilitation unit designed to meet your medical needs through expert rehabilitation care. As a result of the conditions and impairments leading to an admission, the patient is called upon to address activity limitations by developing new skills and re-learning previous skills. Patients

must sometimes make a series of life adjustments that are best facilitated by the combined efforts of the patient, family/support system and interdisciplinary

team. Coordination of these efforts leads to the improved rehabilitation outcomes attainable by each patient, limiting your participation restrictions. Each treatment requires a highly individualized holistic approach helping to achieve your goals to return to your home and community role.

We will work closely with you and your family to ensure a smooth transition from admission to discharge with the goal of discharging you back home or to the most appropriate placement.

We value your right to be knowledgeable about our unit and therefore have gathered information that describes our rehabilitation program in detail. Your feedback is one of our keys to success and your recovery. Please share with us how we can make your rehabilitation stay as meaningful and rewarding as possible throughout your stay.

Our Mission is to provide quality, compassionate care in the communities we serve. Creating an ethos of good health, wellness and responsibility is central to our mission and an everyday commitment to our neighbors and families.

Our Vision is to consistently deliver the right care, in the right place, at the right time and to be a premier organization to work, where patient care and saving lives remain our focus. Our vision reflects our aspirations for the future and the goals we work toward together. It provides hope of what’s to come, including how we have the opportunity to participate in some of the most important moments in our patients’ lives and continue to improve the way care is delivered.

Our Values define who we are, what we stand for and what we CARE about:

Compassion and respect for others and each other, supporting our communities and advocating for our patients

Acting with integrity and the highest ethical standards – always

Results delivered through accountability and transparency

Embracing inclusiveness for all people in our workplace and in the communities we serve

Input from Persons Served and Stakeholders:

It is the philosophy of the management of the Pinecrest Inpatient Rehab Program that our program is enhanced by listening to those who we serve along with other

stakeholders who have an interest in our program. To that end, we will set up ongoing formal and informal opportunities to gather input to continue improving our program and patient experiences. It is only by taking these steps and caring about the comments we receive that we can really make our program reflective of the needs of our clientele.


All team members will act in a manner consistent with the mission, philosophy and operating policies of the program.

In accordance with these principles and policies, team members will:

  • Show respect for the dignity of the individual whether patient, family member, visitor, co-worker, client or any other person
  • Provide the highest quality clinical and customer related services
  • Demonstrate fairness and honesty in all interactions with the public
  • Adhere to their professional codes and practice guidelines
  • Provide an accurate portrayal of the services and outcomes of the program
  • Be ethical in all marketing and public relations activities