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No matter your pain, we’re here to help

If you’re feeling a little nervous about an upcoming trip to the hospital, you’re not alone. You may be coming in for a screening and anxious to get the results. Or you may be scheduled for a more serious surgery. No matter why you’re coming to see us, you’ll find the information here to reassure you that you’ve made the right choice. From the stories of our patients to the depth of our services, at Delray Medical Center, we’re here to help.

From someone who knows

It can be comforting to hear the stories of others who have received care at out hospital. While you may have friends or family who have been to Delray before, we offer the stories of some of our past patients so you can learn what you’ll find before you walk through our doors. You can read about Alex Vasquez, who learned how unexpected an emergency can be after being hit by a car, and many other stories that will provide comfort and inspiration.

Get help finding a doctor

If you know you need a doctor or specialist, but aren’t quite sure where to look, try our online Find a Physician tool which can help connect you with the right doctor.

Find A Physician

Heart & Vascular

The heart. It's foremost on your mind, which is why we've made excellence in heart care our priority.


Emergency care provides help in your most challenging moments.


Has joint pain sidelined you from the things you love? It doesn't have to be that way. And with our suite of minimally invasive solutions, we can get you fixed up and on your way quickly.


Some of the most important work you can do in getting back to full speed happens after your treatment or operation. Learn about our rehab program and what makes it tick.

Behavioral Health

Take the first step toward healing. We’ll walk with you the rest of the way.


Surgery can be a frightening prospect, especially if you aren’t certain about the process before and after your procedure.


Your oncologist, along with family and friends, will partner with you to fight the disease.

Sleep Center

Sleep is more than rest.

Wound Care

If you are dealing with wounds that just won’t heal as a result of diabetes, poor circulation, burns, surgery or trauma, the Wound Treatment Center Delray Medical Center is here for you.

Healthcare Insurance Enrollment

Are you in need of health insurance coverage, but are not sure how to decide which plan may be right for you?